Terms and Conditions Overview

Responsible Party

You acknowledge that you are authorized to use the intended credit or debit card to make the purchase. If the credit or debit card does not belong to you or does not bear your name, you willingly agree to personally accept all responsibility for the purchase.


You accept full responsibility for your purchase. If, by purchasing the ebook available on this site, if your credit card or bank account exceeds its limits, you will hold Lora Jensen and Webmommies harmless from any and all fees and overdraft charges relating to the transaction.

You further acknowledge that Lora is not a doctor, and that if you follow her advice, you do so of your own free will and hold Lora Jensen harmless at all times. If you are ever concerned about her advice, please consult your doctor.


The ebook and coaching support (helpdesk account) available on this site are for individuals only, not companies, classes or groups of people.

Upon your purchase, I grant you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, limited-use license to read or print my ebook and to obtain coaching support.

You may not sell the ebook, modify it or pass it along.

You may not sell your helpdesk account it, transfer it, share it or publish the contents of it.

I retain all intellectual, copyrights, and distribution rights. All usage licenses and coaching support will immediately be revoked and rescinded if you or the cardholder initiates a chargeback, stop payment, if your purchase is refunded (excepting double payments) or if I believe somebody else is using your helpdesk account.

Coaching Support

Personal one-on-one coaching is available only through the helpdesk system found on this site. Coaching questions submitted by email will be ignored.

Coaching Support for Classes or Groups

If you are interested in receiving coaching support for a class or group of people, send me an email via the form on the "Contact Us" page of the website.


Upon your purchase, you further agree that you will not compete with me in offering your own "version" of my book, or in offering a coaching service that is substantially and materially similar to the one offered on this site.


You know your situation best. If you think what I have to offer will work for you, then I am happy to help. You agree that I cannot know your exact circumstances, and that I cannot guarantee to you that my method will work for your situation. I make no claim or guarantee that what I offer will help you in the way you are expecting; though I will give you support to help make your expectations a reality. I stand behind and support my product, and I know my methods and principles work, and I'll help you implement them.

Terms and Conditions Updates

I reserve the right to amend or modify my terms at any time without first notifying you. Any use of this site, or if you purchase my ebook or use my coaching services, you signify acceptance my terms and conditions.