When I was 50 years old, I quite unexpectedly got pregnant. The baby slept well at first, then started screaming. I was at a loss. I found your site and did as you said. Thank you for giving my sweet baby back to me.

Ruth K.


My name is Linda. My mother purchased the book for me. I just wanted to write and thank you. I followed the steps in your colic ebook and my little Peter is colic free. I didn't have to use your coaching service for him, but I'm going to purchase your sleeping ebook and I'll let you know if I need your coaching then. Thanks so much.

Linda Adams-Carrington

Parents: Learn How You Can Help
Eliminate Your Baby's Colic In 48 Hours
or Less... Using A Proven, Gentle
Approach That Works!

Does your newborn have colic?

Have you tried everything (feeding, burping, changing diaper, walking, swinging, gas drops) but your baby still keeps crying?

Are you short fused and on-edge from a lack of sleep dealing with a baby that won't stop crying?

Are you worried that you won't be able to bond with your baby because of all the crying?


My name is Lora Jensen. I have put together a step-by-step, easy-to-understand ebook that is proven to be a gentle approach to eliminating colic. Most parents report success within 48 hours. Many, even sooner.

I shared an early draft of my ebook with Mary, and she sent me an email in which she dramatically said, "You saved my life." I would have settled for a simple "Thanks - it worked great!". But when you're desperate, it's easy to be dramatic.

If your colic experience is anything like Mary's, then you definitely need help so you can restore some sanity into you and your family's life. Here's her story:

Mary's 3rd pregnancy and delivery were pretty typical, and she was quickly released from the hospital to return to her 2 anxious little boys and mostly attentive - but busy - husband.

For the first couple weeks, everything was fine. The night time nursings, the little sleep - although inconvenient, Mary had little difficulty dealing with these. Her pregnancy was admittedly unexpected, but her apprehension lifted when she got to hold and nurse Sarah for the first time.

She loved spending time bonding with Sarah, lightly rocking her, and running her fingers through her thick black hair. The tiny fingers and toes... she had almost forgotten just how small they could be.

Tyler and Gage, Sarah's older brothers, were happy to help mommy, and loved to inspect sister Sarah's features.

Mary quickly developed a routine of nursing, burping and changing Sarah's diaper and then Sarah would go back to sleep, leaving Mary to rest and tend to Tyler and Gage's needs.

And when Sarah one day cried instead of going back go sleep, Mary missed the first sign of colic.

Mary did what any mother might have done. She took it in stride and walked the baby or put her in a swing, hoping to console her. Most parents - even experienced ones - miss that first, fleeting sign of colic.

A coupls days later, Sarah did it again. This time after an early morning (3 AM) feeding. The crying started and just wouldn't stop until shortly before 7 AM. A sleepy Mary and Duane took turns walking Sarah, propping her in the swing, and gently bouncing her. Mary had to do it alone once Duane had to get ready and then leave for work.

These crying episodes started happening more and more frequently. Mary recalls how they disrupted and strained her day to day activities.

Trips to the grocery store became long and draining with Sarah constantly crying. Insensitive shoppers whispered rude comments amongst themselves - but loud enough for her to hear. "They don't understand" she would think to herself, trying to soothe away the pain from their jab.

Mary also found herself harshly scolding Tyler for a potty accident - something neither of them had done. Tyler had been easy to potty train. She had bragged about this to her friends, how he caught on quickly and never regressed.

It is easy to see that Mary was on edge. Tyler sensed it, too, which led to his accident.

Colic frequently affects every person in the house. A sleepless parent is tense, impatient, and emotional - and that in turn affects children and other family members.

For Mary, the clawing and scratching while nursing really became annoying. The apprehension and pre-birth feelings associated with an unexpected pregnancy returned and started to make her almost resent Sarah. Mary hated herself for even having those thoughts. "She's just a baby - she can't help it" she would remind herself.

Mary took Sarah to the doctor, who said it was colic, and that it would go away on its own. Gas drops were what he recommended, but Mary reported they provided only marginal and very temporary help. "She'll grow out of it. She'll grow out of it." Mary sarcastically muttered to herself, quoting the doctor on the drive home. Little help he was.

Meanwhile, the screaming continued, and the shameful feelings of resentment started to grow. It became harder and harder for Mary to talk herself out of those feelings. She admitted to almost hating everybody: Duane, Tyler, Gage, even Sarah. They all had a role in her current misery. Duane couldn't calm the baby so Mary could get some rest; Tyler seemed "clinggy" and wouldn't leave her alone.

Desperate and frazzled, Mary emailed me and asked if I had heard of anything, since my potty training advice had worked so well for her.

And like I said earlier, I gave her an early draft of my Infant Colic Relief ebook, and I gave her the customary email support available with each of my ebooks.

Lora - I cannot tell you thank you enough. You saved my life! If you need a testimonial, please use mine.

Mary Olsten, PA

Along With The eBook, You Get
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Along with receiving my eBook, I'll personally answer any questions you have concerning your colicy baby, just like I did with Mary. What a steal - FREE online coaching! I've helped over 10,000 wonderful parents like yourself with common parenting issues, including curing colic, and just love hearing the success stories!

I don't coach just anyone, but after you purchase my eBook, I'll coach you!

Can you say "Yes!"
to any of these questions?

  • Have you tried everything (feeding, burping, changing diaper) but your baby just keeps crying?

  • Do you feel like your baby cries for no apparent reason and you don't see an end in sight?

  • Are you ready to pull your hair out and just want to scream?

  • Do you feel like the relationship with your spouse or partner is being strained by the stress, lack of sleep, and absence of answers on how to make this better?

  • Are you short-fused and on-edge from a lack of sleep, or are you blowing up over the littlest things?

  • Are you frustrated with your pediatrician's recommendation that you just "wait it out"?

  • Do you worry that you'll never bond with your baby?

  • Do you want to stop your baby's constant crying now?

In short, if you and your baby are ready for real colic relief, then keep reading to find out how and why I can help you eliminate your baby's colic.

I developed my easy to understand, step-by-step Infant Colic Relief guide to help parents just like you and Mary. I know how much you want to bond with your baby. I know how much colic can interfere with you and your family's life. I understand your need to find an answer to your baby's constant crying.

The eBook you will receive contains my time-tested, "mother approved" infant colic relief strategy as well as advice that can only come from someone who has personally helped thousands of other parents just like you.

Why Should You Use My Approach
To Eliminate Colic?

Your baby can be colic free in the next 48 hours.
When you have a question, shoot me an email within the Helpdesk. I give unlimited one-on-one personal coaching free-of-charge.
I have been helping parents just like you for the last 13 years, and giving personal one-on-one coaching full time for six years.
I guarantee that if you don't find something that will work for you in my eBook that I will personally help you find the cause of your childs colic with my one-on-one coaching. I will be here for you, every step of the way. Guaranteed!

Beware of Incomplete or Temporary
Colic Relief Strategies

Gas drops. Temporary relief strategies wear off. Gas drops and things like that do for colic what antacids do for heartburn - they treat the symptoms, not the cause.
Strategies in the Infant Colic Relief ebook have been clinically proven to dramatically reduce, even eliminate colic.

Listen, I'm a cautious person like you. When somebody says "clinically proven" - my defenses automatically go up.

But speaking as a mother myself who as been in your shoes - you can actually prevent those horrible colic experiences.

Just imagine life if your baby didn't have colic:

  • more sleep for everybody
  • more patience when dealing with "clinggy" or needy children
  • quiet time for you...
Massages. Also temporary in nature.
Who can argue with a good massage? Who can deny that it relaxes the body? I love a good massage. But again, it is only temporary, and your baby will need to have the massage repeated often. You will need the information in my ebook to help you completely eliminate colic.

Take the step so many other skeptical parents have taken (especially tired and frustrated mothers). Download the Infant Colic Relief ebook today.

It can help you!

I WILL help you!

I PROMISE to be there for you, GUARANTEED!

It Does Matter Who Helps You

Listen, I am a parenting coach. I have provided 1-on-1 coaching support full time for the past 6 years. So, when I help you, I am drawing on that invaluable experience PLUS my own experience with my children.

I have coached over 10,000 parents in the past 6 years alone
I have hundreds of "thank you" and testimonial emails for the advice I give
When I answer emails, I draw on years of experience from helping other parents
I stand by my product. You aren't buying an ebook from someone who prefers to not help you, or worse, cannot help you
I will be right there with you to help you relieve your infant's colic. Submit your questions and frustrations through my HelpDesk and we'll get through this together.

I'll tell you right now - I'm not a doctor. I haven't been to medical school, and if I say anything that is questionable to you, run it by your doctor.

But I'll tell you what - I have something doctors don't have: regular, sometimes daily feedback from the people I help.

My point is simple. I've got the answers - I know what works - because of the frequent communication I have with the parents I coach.

About The eBook

To The Point. Too many eBooks out there add filler material or ramble.
Just Long Enough. You won't need to spend two, three or four days reading it.
Easy To Read. You won't find complicated words or ideas.
Step-By-Step. I lay it out on the table what you need to do.
Warning: Don't waste a single dime on any other colic relief method unless it meets the following important criteria
Written By An Expert
Proven Technique - My technique works. I get testimonials each and everyday from moms and dads just like you who are fed up with how colic is controlling their lives.
Quick and Easy to Read - You want step by step instructions without a bunch of fluff and wasted words.
Affordable - You don't just get my eBook, you get my unlimited help and support. I will give you support for as long as you need it. Best of all, my eBook is priced much less then other Books, Guides and eBooks. I have the stay at home mom in mind.
Will Completely Eliminate Colic - My technique will give you and your baby the permanent relief you both need. Beware of other methods that simply treat the symptoms.

I'm completely confident that my techniques will help you be colic-free in just a few short days. I look forward to helping you with this phase in your sweet baby's life.

Wow - I admit I only half-heartedly expected your book to help my daughter Bailey. She is my 3rd child. My first 2 did not have any of the colic symptoms, so they weren't any trouble. But when Bailey was screaming uncrontrollably each night of the week, I was convinced there was something wrong. When I went to her doctor, I was just told "it was colic" and it would go away in 3 to 4 months. I could not see living with a baby that screamed for hours upon hours each night. So I was very hopeful when I found your website. Thank you THANK YOU. Within 2 days of [Sorry - you have to buy the ebook], Bailey doesnt have colic.

Monica H.

When I was 50 years old, I quite unexpectedly got pregnant. The baby slept well at first, then started screaming. I was at a loss. I found your site and did as you said. Thank you for giving my sweet baby back to me.

Ruth K.

Mrs. Jensen - words cannot express my gratitude enough. My baby isn't just free from colic, but he sleeps through the night, too.

Patricia Hannover

Your advice for my two year old was right on. So when I learned that you offer a colic ebook, i had to get it. Again, your advice was right on. PS. I'd love to write a testimonial for you. What should I say or do?

Meghan J.

My name is Linda. My mother purchased the book for me. I just wanted to write and thank you. I followed the steps in your colic ebook and my little Peter is colic free. I didn't have to use your coaching service for him, but I'm going to purchase your sleeping ebook and I'll let you know if I need your coaching then. Thanks so much.

Linda Adams-Carrington

Eliminate Your Baby's Colic Risk Free...

... so your infant can resume experiencing life without the pain and discomfort associated with colic.

Your aching back, tired legs and family will thank you.


  • You'll have the information you need to treat your baby's colic, even eliminate it
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  • You'll have an expert baby and toddler trainer as your personal coach
  • You'll have an author that stands by her product
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You will be given instant access to the
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P.S. Over the years I have helped over 10,000 parents in 43 countries with the challenges of parenting. I'm talking about real 1-on-1 coaching that I've given to thousands of grateful moms and dads.

P.P.S. I am dedicated to helping you be successful, and I am dedicated to providing you with the best possible support. InfantColicRelief.com is the only website to offer personal one-on-one coaching in a helpdesk system. No other colic relief website offers this degree of support or dedication to help you succeed at calming your baby.